Why frozen smoothie cubes?

Why frozen smoothie cubes?

Smoothies cubes are an easy and delicious way of getting fruits, vegetables and superfoods into your diet.

According to the World Health Organization, the most prominent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancers are caused in large part by unhealthy diets. These chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and are responsible for billions of dollars spent on health care in Canada.

Canada’s Food Guide 2019 recommends that Canadians consume more plant-based foods to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Smoothies offer a practical way to consume more fruits and vegetables, but its preparation requires time and planning.

Frozen Smoothie cubes are an ideal meal for today’s busy people

Recently, frozen smoothie cubes have emerged on the market and its popularity has been steadily increasing. This convenient product offers an excellent alternative for today’s busy consumers who are demanding minimally processed foods that can be prepared easily.

In 2020, Nopal Nutrition will launch its frozen smoothie cubes in Canada, the only smoothie cubes on the market that contain the amazing superfood Nopal cactus.

Nopal Nutrition’s smoothie cubes are pre-blended so that consumers can easily prepare delicious and nutritious smoothies in less than 20 seconds with a blender. Even without a blender, the frozen cubes are transformed into smoothies after letting them melt with water or your favourite liquid.

Nopal Nutrition is a socially responsible Canadian company specialized in producing and commercializing frozen smoothie cubes and functional foods made from the superfood Nopal cactus Opuntia.

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