Nutri green cubes

Frozen Smoothie Cubes | B2B product

Our innovative Frozen Smoothie Cubes made from nopal Opuntia will revolutionize the Smoothie and Juice Bar industry.

Nutri-Green smoothie

Our delicious Nutri-Green smoothie is a well-balanced blend of nopal Opuntia leaves, tropical fruits, greens, and other superfoods. A 100% plant-based product, packed with all the nutritional benefits of the nopal Opuntia plant.

Quick to prepare

With a blender, the frozen smoothie cubes turn into nutritious, creamy smoothies in less than 20 seconds.

Our frozen cubes are a highly efficient product, compatible with Jarless blending systems.


The frozen smoothie cubes are easily converted without a blender into nutritious smoothies after letting them thaw with water or your favourite liquid.

Flash Frozen

The smoothie cubes are frozen through the Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) method to ensure maximum nutrition.

Versatile and Practical

Optionally, the frozen smoothie cubes can be combined with different fruits, natural juices, plant-based milk and other superfoods to obtain more commercial variations.

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