Nopal-cactus powder

The NOPAL CACTUS POWDER is a nutritious product made from the dehydrated leaves or racquets of the Opuntia cactus native to Mexico.

Our Nopal-cactus powder is 100% pure sun-dried Opuntia (ficus-indica) cactus:

At Nopal Nutrition Company, the Nopal-cactus racquets are naturally dehydrated using controlled solar energy rather than an electric or fuel oven. We produce a vibrant green powder that retains most of its nutritional properties and flavour.

The Nopal-cactus from Mexico is one of the most beneficial superfoods available on our planet:

Our Nopal-cactus is cultivated at high elevation. The privileged climate of Mexico and its volcanic lands rich in nutrients allows us to grow the most nutritious Nopal-cactus in the world all year round.

The Nopal-cactus powder is packed with minerals, dietary fibre, antioxidants and vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. This superfood powder also contains a broad composition of amino acids, including eight essential amino acids that are not manufactured by the body.

The health benefits:

For over 6,000 years, the Nopal-cactus and its fruits have been consumed as food and medicine by the ancient indigenous people from Mexico and Mesoamerica.

The Nopal-cactus powder is easily digestible and has been traditionally consumed in Mexico to control LDL cholesterol, treat type 2 diabetes, improve digestion, and to fight inflammation. This superfood is also consumed to prevent cancer, help with weight management, and boost the immune system.

Our Nopal-cactus powder is a raw material destined for the B2B market:

Nopal-cactus powder for the natural dietary supplement industry.

Presently, the Nopal-cactus powder is in high demand in the natural dietary supplement industry. This product is used as an ingredient in the production of dietary supplements such as superfood powder- mixes, weight management products, capsules, tablets and energy bars.

Nopal-cactus powder for the health food industry.

Nopal-cactus powder is also used as a natural food additive to produce health foods options such as bread, cakes, cookies, pizza, tortillas, pasta and cereals.